Monday, March 30, 2015

My Weekend in Puctures

We started off being adorable fitting into this adorable 6 month outfit from Diva at I've been dying to get him in it and almost cried my eyes out because he's finally big enough. 

Since he looked like a big shot we decided that a trip to the bank was in order. We finally opened a savings account and deposited all those checks that people have him. Only 5+ months after the fact. I was sure to give everyone a heads up that we we slackers and were just getting around to it. It's always surprising to have money taken from your account when you have forgotten you wrote a check. Our bad. 

Tiny savings book for a tiny saver. 

We decided it was time to try on his Easter outfit. In true Kyle fashion it was too big. Except the hat. The hat fits perfectly. Gotta love a big head baby!

I love how he looks at his Daddy!

That belly!

This happened. I hope that stupid groundhog is buried in his hole. 

And in BIG NEWS.......

First cereal!!! 
Come on Mom! I thought you said we were going to eat here!!

He loved it! So ready for it! He slurped it down! Literally. There was barely any to clean up he was so into it!

So we put together his real high chair and now we can do dinner. As sad as it is to see the time flying by, it's so amazing and fun to watch him try new things. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Word-less Wednesday

I'm really good at these 'no dialogue' blog posts. 

Hi, My name is Kyle and I eat all the things because I'm teething. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Weekend in Pictures

My day started like this...... 
My car was packed! Floor to ceiling with all the stuff for the party. 

I had no time to take pictures until this point but I was RUNNING to get everything done before 6!
Rock on!

Beastie Boys.....
Love when a good band is equally as good in the 80's and 90's.

My friend Kristie and her boyfriend Alan came and decorated with me. Thank god!! 
Alan made this! It's still on my wall. 

Before the antipasto. 
The whole table was full. 

I covered the couch after I 'crazy cleaned' so it would stay fur free. Then I forgot to uncover it. Oh well. 

He had no idea. 
Returning with his mom and brother after bowling. 

My sweet niece.....

No words needed. Her bangs don't even fit in the picture. 

Mother & son

Don Johnson & Jane Fonda. 

I cut my sweatshirt too big. 

Steve is missing the jam session behind him!

I missed it the first time so I asked him to pretend. Silly face....

My MIL (the nice one)

Kristie & Alan (my decorators)

If you fail to wears costume, and you're the only one then you have to wear the neon boa. Rules are rules. 

My little family

He was overwhelmed with all the noise. It was impossible to get him to sleep with all the people there. He kept waking up. But he was a trooper. And SO adorable!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Always My Little Shamrock

Today is the day. 
The day I saw you. 
You were the size of a piece of rice. 
Your heart was thumping away.  
You stole mine. 
The day you became, 
My little Shammy. 

I love you my little Shamrock. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

My weekend in pictures

Cozy puppy.....

Sleeping baby......

Ready for bowling....

Straight up retro....

Badass Velcro....

Birthday boy stretching it out..... Haha

Winning at selfies.....

Serious bowler....

I told Steve to take a picture of me while I bowled. This is what I got... Really?

The score was still close at this point. He beat me. Bad. 

Winning at baby laughs....

Silly Daddy......

You guys STILL bowling??



My date....


Happy Birthday.....

What this picture does not capture is the plume of smoke that was blown in my face with this wish.....

Best part of all this? This was his "pretend" birthday celebration. Because THIS is next weekend.