Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quick Check In

Time is flying at warp speed. It's just delightful. There will never be enough time. I will always want one more kiss. One more snuggle. He's amazing. I am enjoying every bit of him. Love his whole soul. 

He's still a peanut. 15 months (almost) and only weighs 22 pounds. He's a shorty too. He was born a peanut and he's continued to be one. I love that he fits in my lap all snuggled up. He's delicious. 

His hair! It's so curly. I love it. 

Sometimes it's a little wild and he's already in need of a second haircut but it's precious! I hope he loves it as he grows up.  

He's a total silly boy. 

Who hates snow......

Can you blame him? Haha.