Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How the? What the?

So I suck at this blogging thing. I was so good at it when I was writing about infertility. Was it because I had more time? Or because I needed to talk about it? Now I seem to struggle to find a second in my day to take a breath let alone form a coherent thought long enough to be worthy of a blog post! 

I'm not complaining though. Not a single bit. I love my life right now. It's not perfect. Not even close. Kyle is a toddler with full blow temper tantrums eleventy times a day. Steve and I argue about stupid stuff because we are tired and stressed.  I worry about anything and everything. But I'm guessing most of this is pretty normal. 

Let me catch you up. My last post was in January. Kyle was 14 1/2 months, I think? 

Well, now he's 19 months. A ton of development has happened in this 4 1/2 months. First of all, his language acquisition has taken flight! He says anything and everything. Not everything is super clear but he says what he means and means what he says. He's got some really sweet "adaptations" for things. "Anu" for air conditioner. "Oona" for our dog Luna. Pup-pah for Puppy. Mimi for Grammy. Then there are other things he says clear as day. Like "no" "me" "my" those can go as far as I'm concerned. Ugh. Another fresh one (that I secretly think is adorable) is "no way".  I must say this phrase but on Sat when I asked him if he wanted breakfast and he replied "no way", which by the way usually means yes, I about fell off my chair. No way. Who says that? We do I guess. 

It's funny how a toddler will make you check yourself. Like when he always tells "Oona" to "go (lie) down" or when he points to a beer bottle and says "Momma's". It really makes you reflect on yourself. For the record, everything is Momma's, not just beer. Because Momma is way cooler than Daddy. Most of the time. 

Kyle goes to daycare still. Although summer is starting in just 6 1/2 days. So I'm excited to get some quality time with my guy at home. I'm anxious to get into a routine.  Daycare has been great. I feel that is where most of his learning happens. So many big kids to show him so many things. He eats it all up. We are blessed. There were some touch-and-go moments when the director left and a new director bought the daycare but it all netted out ok.  

I am truly blessed with such a wonderful little man. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if either of my other pregnancies had worked out, but he's obviously "the right one". I am so happy "it's him". 

I know. I know. You're ready for the pictures. 

Being silly with Mommy

His own chair

It was like he never left it! 


Mustache of course. 

He's so beautiful. 

He thinks he's hot stuff in one of these! Don't worry. I only take one if there are lots of others. I live in a very rural town where stores are never crowded. Besides, they don't make singleton versions. Why should my kid miss out? (Never at the expense of not have 10,000 more available and at the ready)

My Shammy

Rescued him from the chlorine pool

Don't ever buy this elephant. Unless you like torture. Or you're hard of hearing. This thing is awful. I keep hiding it but he keeps finding it!! I need to hide it in the trash can. 

I always struggle with ending these posts. How do you end something that is not over? Maybe I don't. Maybe I just end with a ............


  1. Oh the curls I love them!!! He is so cute!! He seems to love that elephant though lol Can't wait to experience these things, good and bad! It's amazing after it being just the two of you how much life and your relationship changes adding a baby to the mix, no matter how hard you try to make it the same, it just isn't. Definitely take lots of work or at least that's how it is for us.

  2. Amie beat me to it. His curls!! I just love them. And his version of air conditioner cracks me up! Glad to see an update on here!!!

  3. He is so adorable!!! I just love him!!!

  4. So good to see an update on you and your little shamrock! It's crazy to me that we have boys that are only four months crazy how that all worked out!

  5. OMG! He is such a cutie pie. Just thinking about you and stopping by to say hello. I haven't been so good at this blogging thing lately either. lol. I'm setting a goal to get back to it this year. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!