Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quick Check In

Time is flying at warp speed. It's just delightful. There will never be enough time. I will always want one more kiss. One more snuggle. He's amazing. I am enjoying every bit of him. Love his whole soul. 

He's still a peanut. 15 months (almost) and only weighs 22 pounds. He's a shorty too. He was born a peanut and he's continued to be one. I love that he fits in my lap all snuggled up. He's delicious. 

His hair! It's so curly. I love it. 

Sometimes it's a little wild and he's already in need of a second haircut but it's precious! I hope he loves it as he grows up.  

He's a total silly boy. 

Who hates snow......

Can you blame him? Haha. 


  1. What a cutie!!! The snuggles are the best and I'm sure they get even better as he has gotten older. Love seeing all of these photos.

  2. Love his hair! He's growing up to be such a cutie. Love the picture of him in the box lol